Daily Rituals

What is your morning routine like? Does this sound familiar?

  • Hitting the snooze button over and over again.
  • Rushing and flying around the house getting yourself and everyone else ready.
  • Piling into the car hoping passengers have everything they need for the day. Hitting the roads in morning rush hour and discover you've forgotten your cup of coffee.

How does this sound?

Before your day gets busy and entangled with obligations of the day, spend 15 minutes in your favorite spot of your home to fill up so you can face the day with joy! Fill your mind with love, gratitude, and joy filled thoughts. Practice finding five good qualities about yourself and write them in your journal!

To enable Daily Rituals…..

  • Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you'd normally get up.
  • Set up an area in your home you love to sit in.
  • Have your favorite music, books/dailies/devotionals and journal next to your favorite chair, blanket and lamp.
  • Set the timer on the coffee/teapot the night before.

Take notice to the positive change in your thought life, level of patience and understanding and over love for all that cross your path.

Enjoy your new daily rituals!