Our Beliefs... Our Perceptions...

A belief is a choice we make in our mind about how we choose to see the world. We create an idea of how we choose to interact in the world based on this belief we believe as the truth.

Our beliefs are established from our perceptions of life.

Our life experience and knowledge determine why we see things a certain way, however, this may not be the reality. Perception is not Reality.

My Irish grandmother, Lois. Nan as I called her, had a huge influence on my life. We became very close when my mother, her daughter, died when I was 11 years old.

Nan and I travelled together and spent a great deal of time together until her death when I was 25 years old.

Nan was worldly and educated for a woman of her generation.

She traveled the world by ship, held two degrees and was a divorcee (as divorced women were referred to in the 50's).

As a result, Nan had hundreds of beliefs and perceptions of the world, many I adopted.


A good example of a limiting belief is that people thought the world was flat. Christopher Columbus proved that the world is round then it became true and a reality.

Over time I've discovered that some of my beliefs are limiting beliefs. I realize that much of my life I took on other people's beliefs, ideas, truths and perceptions of how they saw the world.

As I became more aware of my own thinking and truly understand that my perceptions are not the truth, the more open minded I become and the more I mature into my character and spirituality.

This growth is allowing me to learn what is real and how to find the truth. To truly know who I am, what I believe, and how to live into values. To be authentic and real with myself and others.


I challenge you to take an inventory of your beliefs and perceptions.

Where did they come from?

Who was influential in your life and what did they believe?

How would you define beliefs, perceptions and reality?

What are some of your limiting beliefs which keep you from experiencing joy, wholeness, success and who you truly are?