What 50 Looks Like....

Its a Sunday morning in December and I begin this story on a plane from the fidget cold of -34 celsius in Calgary, AB, Canada heading to British Columbia to visit with a treatment centre.  As a recovery coach, I'm visiting to learn the centre's culture and philosophy and to share my coaching services with their clients and staff members.

The sun is beating in through the aircraft window and the amazing Rocky Mountains are directly below, I'm so blessed, grateful and happy.  This is my second flight in less than ten days.  A week ago, I flew home from the glorious Maui, Hawaii. 

I celebrated my 50th birthday and my 9 years of recovery from alcoholism over 12 joyful days in one of the most special places on earth - Hawaii!  Some people say I'm lucky...lucky to have a handsome, loving, supportive husband.  An amazing home and fun fur son.  Loving family and friends.  A rewarding coaching practice, the most special clients a coach for ask for.  I say I'm blessed and all I needed was hope.  The same hope that was foundational in my journey of recovery from addiction.  

Nine years ago November I was hanging on by a very thin thread.  Alcohol was killing me and stealing everything I loved.  That handsome, loving, supportive husband had packed his bags.  My fur babies hid from me.  My family and friends weren't taking my calls and my home was going to be sold.  I had a glimmer of hope that just maybe I could redeem myself.  Maybe just maybe I would not drink today. Maybe just maybe I could be normal and function like others do.  Well here I am at 50 and sober functioning in the world as others do.  Putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next right thing.  Staying present in today.  Growing and stretching as a human and uncovering who I truly am.

I'm not lucky.....I'm blessed!  I'm so excited to be 50 and to see what the year holds for me.  This journey of recovery has shown me why I did what I did, why I made the decisions I made and how to create a life that my heart has always desired.  I've learned how to accept and forgive myself.  How to change my thoughts and create new healthy thoughts.   Recognize expectations of myself and those around me and identify when they are realistic and unrealistic.  My journey of recovery is so much more than I could have ever imagined.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but am so grateful for that little bit of hope I had for a different and new life. 

I pray those who are struggling with addiction to hang on to that small bit of hope.  You too can recover and create a life you've always dreamt of.