Snapshot of 2017

Just can't believe I haven't written this year, apparently so busy with all this deep internal work I've forgotten to write.

This year I've been consciously practicing living into my values. Believing in love, kindness, honesty, peace, joy and courage - then living into these beliefs daily by consciously being that!  By being lovingBeing kindBeing honest.  Being peacefulBeing joyfulBeing courageous

Of course life and the ego likes to throw curve balls and I get off track.  Getting myself back to centre by daily reminding myself of who I am, what's important in my life, and consciously thankful.

Along with values, I've been practicing one of the most important spiritual principles ...Humility.  

A few quotes I love..."A clear recognition of what and who we really are, followed by a sincere attempt to become what we could be." Bill W.

"Humility allows us to be one of many, to know that we are wondrous and enough just as we are.  When we practice humility, we have a strong sense of our own intrinsic worth that isn't dependent on anything we do, have, or own." from the book "We" by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel.

Humility provides me with a spiritual defense against my ego.  I get rightsized and know I'm not the worst, I'm not the best, I'm just me and that is wonderful!

What spiritual principals speak to you?

What are your core values?