Change in Attitudes, Ideas, and Emotions

It struck me last week, while I was surrounded by my tribe, I have learned a new language.  A language that has changed my attitudes, ideas and emotions.  A language that has provided the safety to come out of my hiding place.  A language that has given me the strength to face my Giant.

This language is the language of the heart.  It speaks of love, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, kindness, acceptance, empathy, compassion and understanding.

A language that has guided me from the beginning and spoken in two different environments.

In the beginning, I didn't understand this new language, however, I was so attracted at a heart level.  I knew how my heart felt, I knew how it made me feel.  I was accepted and a part of. I listened and learned and over a short period of time and before I knew it, the language of the heart had changed me.  It was changing my thinking, it was renewing my mind. It was teaching me values and principles that I now live into daily.

Today, I speak another language, the language of the Heart!