Time... How do you spend your time?

Time, it's always a topic of conversation. Not enough of it, juggling it, stretching it, trying to create more of it.

Over the last weeks, I've learned the precious gift of Time. How I use to think I had so much of it. How I'd spend it and with whom? I never ever questioned that I wouldn't have enough or it would run out. How do I manage Time? What's important to me or a priority?

Have you ever asked yourself if you respect your Time and the Time of others?

Are you one of those people who are always early, precisely on time, or one whose internal clock runs late?

Do you make Time for yourself?

What if you choose to simplify and make time a priority? Time is precious, prioritize what's important and spend Time according to priorities. Respect that our Time is important to us so it will be important to others. Treat others as we wish to be treated. Ensure Time for yourself fills you so you may go out and share your gits and talents in the community. Spend your Time doing the things you love ~living, working, serving, and playing.

How will you change to allow Time to be a gift in your life? What will you have to change?