Be prepared for real heart-to-heart listening and coaching.

Nicole has run her own coaching practice since 2010, and has invested over 10,000 hours serving those seeking change and transformation all over North America.  Her primary objective is to provide a safe, comfortable, and private environment, allowing clients the confidence to start their own journey of uncovering their authenticity and rediscovering their true selves.

While approximately half of Coach with Nicole clients are those in recovery and are invested in creating an amazing new life in sobriety, our services extend to the families, partners, and loved ones of those in recovery, and to those seeking to achieve more out of life.

Coach with Nicole offers amazing and flexible coaching programs, and they are tailored to meet your needs and agenda, including three-month, six-month, and one-year engagements.

Recovery Coaching

One of the keys to healthy recovery is to continue investing in personal development and growth.  Recovery coaching is a cutting edge service provided to assist in long term recovery care.

Recovery Coaching provide principles which add to the development of the individual's new lifestyle, enhancing emotional and spiritual maturity, deepening current relationships and developing healthy new relationships.  

Recovery Coaching believes that there is innate wholeness and health in clients who seek to grow and improve their life through coaching.  Coaches use a strengths-based approach.  We help our clients find and utilize their values, gifts, and strengths while coaching to success.  We encourage and promote the development of healthy lifestyle and balanced living.

Life Coaching

The Life Coaching package is based on what is needed in specific areas of your life and the kinds of thoughts and actions required to turn these worthy dreams into reality.  We partner with you to more clearly understand the relationship between you and your thought processes and provide the principles, practices, and techniques needed to think differently.  We will agree on weekly assignments focused on learning and applying principles.

Life coaching is weekly, one-hour telephone coaching session to facilitate integration and application of the principles over a 12 session engagement.  We assess progress and identify areas that need continued focus.  The coaching engagement is tailored to your needs.  

Families & Partners of Recovered Loved Ones

Family Recovery Life Coaching is provided to those who have loved ones in recovery or in active addiction.  This personal coaching is designed to assist you in the journey of attaining your own dreams, desires, and goals while recognizing the unique set of circumstances you are facing. 

This coaching service is generally one-on-one, but can include group coaching if it suits your needs and wishes.

Virtual Coaching

Another wonderful option, contact me for more information on this service.

Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people think.
— Brene Brown