"I had the honor and privilege to coach and partner with Nicole prior to her certification as an Og Mandino Coach. Nicole has an amazing capacity for listening and reading between the lines, and her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to becoming a masterful coach will serve her well and enable her to to help you discover your brilliance on your way to reaching your fullest potential. If you want a coach who knows and understands where you are and you need someone to guide you through your darkest night, do whatever it takes to partner and invest time with Nicole!"

- Catherine McAnally President and Founder - Joshua Tree Coaching & Consulting LLC

"It seems like yesterday, but in truth it has been five years since I started my coaching journey and by far it has been the best gift I have ever given myself (and in turn those around me).  Nicole Cameron at Coach with Nicole - Life Recovery Addictions Coach is like a lighthouse.  On a sunny day she gives me a beautiful view of my strengths and blessings.  In the darkest of nights and toughest of storms she shines a beacon of light on my courage and my goals so I can see my way through.  I have had both in the last year and I don't have words for how grateful I am she was right there shining her light through it all.  Thank  you beautiful Nicole for not only guiding me in the darkness but for being an absolutely radiant example of what love and compassion really is.  And friends, I will never get tired of saying it - coaching is truly the most powerful gift you could ever give yourself.  If you give yourself to the process and do the work everything you touch will be laced with the very best of you.  It is self-care in its truest form.  Happy coaching anniversary (I know, I made it up, but we celebrate it anyway.)  Ms. Nicole, Thank you for everything you do for me!"

"The opportunity to coach with Nicole has been an incredible and life changing blessing.  Nicole's compassion, courage and expert guidance create a powerful environment in which to really discover yourself.  Coaching with Nicole is like seeing your reflection in God's own eyes and taking that beauty and sharing it with the world the way He always intended.  And with all the strength and benevolence she shares through her coaching, tailored to your beliefs and needs, it is also beautifully clear that she is living what she coaches.  I am honored to be touched by her light and honesty as she helps me navigate the waters of becoming the woman, mother, friend, lawyer and child of God He means for me to be.  I strongly recommend coaching with Nicole if you have any areas in your life that make you want to be, do, share more of the genuine you.  The blessings she offers in her teaching and guidance are second only to the beauty of her spirit in your life."

- Cherie Baruss - lawyer/principal - baruss legal

"Nicole is a compassionate and skilled coach who is gifted with the ability to connect with both groups and individuals on a deep and meaningful level.  Through insightful questioning and active listening, she helps to define obstacles to progress, and create strategies to unlock potential. She has been a decided asset to my growth as a writer."

- LYNN HALEY - writer founder

"I started working with Nicole in 2015, because I recognized I was in a rut. I hesitated at first because I knew one of her niches was recovery, so I wasn’t sure if she would be a fit for something who was not in recovery, but wanted life and business coaching. It was a great decision to move forward. Coaching with Nicole has helped me to recognize and cultivate joy in my journey. Using Og Mandino’s work to begin, is great for anyone but especially great for someone anyone running a business or working in sales. In addition, her many trainings give her a large repertoire of writing, healing models and ways of thinking to draw upon when she is coaching. She coaches and runs her business with clear communication, open-hearted boundaries, compassion and grace. This creates a safe and powerful space to allow transformation to happen. I recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life experience and wants some help to do the inner work to get there."

- Rebecca Graham - Associate ConsulTant at Investors Group Securities Inc.

"Nicole was a great student at Crossroads Recovery Coaching and became a first-rate coach. She has insight, compassion, and takes her clients deep. If you want to make profound change this is the coach for you."

- Alida Schuyler - Owner/Founder - Crossroads Recovery Coaching

“Coaching with Nicole has changed my life for the better.  It has been the best investment that I have ever made for myself and am so happy that I did it.  After coaching I have learned how to live with true happiness and gratitude as well as clear mind.  I did not know that I could feel this good about myself and my self esteem has increased dramatically.  I am so thankful for this opportunity and if I could change one thing it would be to coach with Nicole long before I did.”

- Thomas Coffman, Football Receiver - Colorado State University

"Coaching with Nicole has changed my life. It has taken my recovery to a greater boundless level. For years I had been going to Psychologists and counsellors to help me cope with whatever situations were too difficult for me to handle. Whether the problems were traumatic losses or general anxiety, these professionals were able to help me get through them, but when I experienced them again and again, I still wasn't able to handle anything on my own, big or small. I wasn't given any tools to cope, to move forward, nor to grow. Addiction was my coping mechanism. Relative to the amount of time i spent in therapy, Coaching with Nicole quickly gave me the tools to handle life on life's terms. Suddenly, life's circumstances aren't so overwhelming anymore. Suddenly my outlook on life isn't so dire. Suddenly I have more joy and freedom in my life. Nicole's guidance to help rebuild my life after addiction, into something spiritually beautiful that I never even imagined, is something that I will forever be grateful for!!"

- Sonja