Teachers Everywhere

This amazing world we live in with these amazing people who live in it teach me every day.

Let's see if you can find the teachers.

A long standing client I have has two beautiful children, a boy and a girl and they are twins. Recently, while sharing a meal the children asked their mother about her coaching. So mom explains what her coaching is all about and specifically shares that she's learned how to identify good things about herself.

The daughter has a puzzled look on her face, mom asks what's on her mind, daughter shares that she can't think of anything good things about herself.

Well brother pipes up loud, clear and without hesitation all of the things that his sister is good at, what's fun about her and what he loves about her. Quickly sister speaks up and shares all the good things about her brother, what's fun about him and all the things she loves about him.

Amazes me that these children have not learned validation principles, however, intuitively they know how to validate one another and support one another.

Why is it so hard for adults to validate one another?

Why is it so hard for adults to accept others as teachers?

Today, I'm greeting everyone I meet as teachers put on my path to deliberately to teach me something.

I challenge you to go out today and find something good about everyone that cross your path!