Teachers Everywhere

This amazing world we live in with these amazing people who live in it teach me every day.

Let's see if you can find the teachers.

A long standing client I have has two beautiful children, a boy and a girl and they are twins. Recently, while sharing a meal the children asked their mother about her coaching. So mom explains what her coaching is all about and specifically shares that she's learned how to identify good things about herself.

The daughter has a puzzled look on her face, mom asks what's on her mind, daughter shares that she can't think of anything good things about herself.

Are you secure?

Are you secure? Are you secure in your heart? Do you feel like this?



No doubt



No Anxiety (anxious for nothing)

Without danger


Are you insecure? Are you insecure in your heart?

Lacking confidence

Worried about what other people think of you

Do you measure up to others?

Affected when you feel others are talking about you

Being uncertain of who you are?


Root causes of insecurity are;


Negative self-talk or talk by others

Experiencing failures in life, business and/or relationships


Healers of Insecurity

  1. Stop fearing people. People often bring us opportunities, welcome them and connect.
  2. Stop fearing the future. Stay in the present and do the next right thing.
  3. Stop promoting ourselves. We don't need to pretend, impress and brag.