Intentions vs. Goals - Soul vs. The Mind

With the beginning of a new year, clients have been sharing their thoughts about setting goals. It appears that most of us fear putting our goals on paper in fear we won't achieve them. The fear of failure wins every time. Goals don't get put on paper and we stay stuck.

I've done some research on goals, goal setting and written goals and found some interesting information. First, I came across an article that talked about goals being created by the mind and intentions being created by the soul. I liked this idea and asked my clients what their thoughts were. They too voted in creating and writing intentions and vetoed goal setting. has this to say…..

"Goals focus on a fixed outcome in the future. Intentions focus on the present and provide the guiding light to living mindfully moment-to-moment.

Goals are an effort to achieve a set of results in the future which we accomplish or fail to each based upon the objectives and actions that we take along the way.

Intentions, on the other hand help point us with more clarity toward our heart felt aspersions and values, our Sankalpa. Regardless of the outcome, we gain confidence that our actions are inline with our personal beliefs and desires. Our intentions serve as a guide to living consciously ad joyfully, and they are dynamic and adaptive. Listening to what is deep in our heart and soul, what we really want, is the first step. Discerning our hearts purpose is the first step followed by specific intentions we can commit to. When we language the aspirations into articulated intentions, which we remember more and more to align our conduct and actions with what matters most in our life – life is transformed.

We have tremendous control over our lives and the daily decisions that we all have to make. Life is not pre-planned or set, but remains a mystery that unfolds everyday. We have control over our actions and if we set our intentions and remember them to guide our every step. We will not be easily lost."

Since learning about intentions, I ask my clients what do they resonate with. Are they more interested in setting intentions or setting goals?

What are your thoughts about Intentions VS. Goals?