How to create joy in your life - 4 Steps to Joy

Joy and happiness are not the same thing, joy includes happiness. Joy is found within each of us, while happiness is external.

Feelings, environment, people can create happiness but as soon as the feelings change, our environment changes, people change the happiness that was tied to those externals is gone. Happiness is of the flesh, it is the "what" will make me happy.

Joy on the other hand comes from within. It's a source of delight!

Joy is our Higher Power, the source within us, the source of delight, and the light!  That ultimate partnership with a Power greater than ourselves.
Joy is created by prayer, gratitude and worship, these will heal the heavy heart.  Joy assists in overcoming depression, addiction, loneliness and isolation.
Joy is found in the service of others. Ask questions of others and listen to understand them, to hear them not to fix. Beware that consistent speaking of self is selfish.
Joy is a free gift from our Higher Power.

Happiness is a state of mind ~ Joy is a mindset

Happiness comes and goes ~ Joy can be constant

Happiness is dependent ~ Joy is independent

Happiness is conditional ~ Joy is unconditional