Procrastination & Recovery

Lately I've been procrastinating. While in a session with my coach I shared with her the 'whys' I haven't been following through, completing tasks, and creating a new weekly habit of writing.

So I've decided to be brave, become vulnerable with words and accept that I can't control how people perceive my words and how they feel when reading my words.

With some research and searching my heart I learned new things and I'm so excited to share with you. Here goes…….

Procrastination Defined

Procrastination can be defined as the act of replacing high priority actions with tasks of lower priority.

It often occurs when I choose to focus on a task I enjoy rather than the task that I should be doing.

Procrastination Justification

As I shared already, I justified why I was procrastination. "I don't have time to write." "I don't understand the importance of writing." "I'd rather be with people coaching, networking, and mentoring."

Some people believe that they are more effective when they leave things to the last minute. I often hear "I work better under pressure.".

People will blame other people for their failure to get a task done. Those who are 'demand resistant' may believe that what is being expected is unfair so they rebel against it.

Some will minimize the work needed for the task so they no longer feel the need to begin right away.

Demand Resistance & Procrastination

This is the new thing I learned that I'm super excited to share….

One reason why people may procrastinate is they are demand resistance. This reason for procrastination is described as an unconscious chronic negative response to demands, real or perceived, internal or external.

The person who is demand resistant will automatically rebel against any expectation or demand they are faced with. Can you relate?

One of the ways they do this is procrastination. It's believed people become demand resistant due to experiences in childhood. Children can react to the unreasonably high demands of their parents by learning to rebel and they carry this tendency into adulthood.

It affects their dealings with all authority figures and they can rebel against their own expectations and demands. Demand resistance can be a real stumbling block in a person's life because they spend precious time resisting things when they can spend doing things.

No wonder so many people fail at getting sober, they are rebelling against the very principals that they need to succeed to sober up. No wonder so many people leave treatment or are unsuccessful after treatment, they are rebelling against authority.

Question ~ Are you in procrastination due to demand resistance?