Amy Winehouse

Finally saw the Amy Winehouse movie.  I knew her story would stay with me, it stayed with me when I read the biography and now seeing the documentary, I just knew I had to write and share.

As a person in recovery and a Recovery Addictions Life Coach, it was very obvious to me that Amy never had true support. Support that would do and say the hard things for her. Say those things from their heart that would have impacted her life.

Here was a young women being pulled and pushed in all kinds of different directions from all kinds of different people.  She was falling through every crack.

No one stepped in when she began throwing up her food.

No one stepped in when her alcohol use increased.

No one stepped in when her drug use increased.

No one stepped in when she need to stay in treatment.

No one stepped in when her life was completely unmanageable.

No one would let close friends help her when she was drowning in fame.

It was obvious hands were out but not to love her and protect her, but to use her.

All an addict needs is just one person to say and do the hard things to get us the help we need. It is so very important for community and support.

The disease of addiction wants to keep us in isolation, keep us from our support system, and keep us out of the community.

Please if you have a loved one struggling with addiction, do the hard things, it just might save their life.

Who in your life needs intervention?